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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Kris Aquino and Junjun Binay Seen At The Mall Together

Kris Aquino and Mayor Junjun Binay, were spotted together at Glorietta Mall on Aug. 30. The "date" was documented by a  papparazo for Tweetbiz through a cellphone camera.

The video recording, revealed that Kris is with Baby James and Joshua, were seen standing outside the door of Glorietta 4.  Junjun Binay, was with a helper carrying loads of shopping bags.

Also heard on the video recording was Baby James asking Kris a question, "Is he your boyfriend?"

Baby James was pertaining to Binay.

Although Aquino evidently didn't realized it at first, she was quick to return with a laugh and a denial when Baby James asked her again.

"Hindi ko siya boyfriend," said she, caressings her son. Binay was also viewed laughing as well.

"It's too early. For me it's premature to even start talking about that," said the mayor in an interview for "Paparazzi," Aug. 15.

Even though  Aquino has continuously denied that he and Junjun Binay of having a relationshio she previously admitted in a media interview that Junjun is a close friend and Binay embodies the qualities of a man she is looking for.

"Laughable how many men got linked to me since separating [with Yap]. The truth is I'm not ready to trust again. I'm not yet annulled so can't date yet. They say life begins at 40, update ko kayo Feb 14, 2011 if that's true," said she in a tweet, Aug. 9.

What do you think? Sila na ba talaga?
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