Saturday, April 4, 2009


The Supreme Court has released the result of the persons who passed the 2008 bar examinations last Friday. There are about 1,310 who passed the exams. Partial list includes the following:

1 ABABA, Victoria D
2 ABAD, Bernard O
3 ABAD, Francis Michael C
4 ABADEZA, Melissa A
5 ABALOS, Christian Noel C
6 ABALOS, Joseph Ryan C
7 ABALOS, Mcdonald G
8 ABANTE, Priscilla Marie T
9 ABARCA, Jerome G
10 ABAYA, Mark Francis P
11 ABAYON, Jerome B
12 ABDULLAH, Noor Hafizullah M
13 ABEJARON, Arnold C
14 ABELITA, Peter Filip S
15 ABELLA, Marie Velle P
16 ABENOJAR, Lilian C
17 ABESAMIS, Ellen V
18 ABO, Rolando T
19 ABREA, Elton Dick J
20 ABRENICA, Angelee Marree A
21 ABUCEJO, Joan D
22 ABYADANG, Harriet N
23 ACHAS, John Albino C
24 ACOSTA, Carl De Liz L
25 ADJU , Annally T
26 ADMANA, Gerlie A
27 ADRIANO, Alexander, DG
28 ADRIANO, Karen J
29 ADVINCULA, Ma. Carolina T
30 AFRICA, Voltaire B

Click here for a complete list 2008 bar passers at GMA-7

Congrats to the new lawyers!

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